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This online toolkit has been designed to allow you to create a personalised information resource that can be made in a matter of minutes and instantly shared with whoever you like, to show them the impressive place Lincolnshire is.

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The land of contrasts.
Tools to promote Lincolnshire.

When we looked at what makes Lincolnshire stand out as a breathtaking place, we discovered that we have an abundance of world beating people, places, businesses and opportunities here. Where we truly excel is in the contrast and balance we offer.

After a set of meetings in 2016 we embarked on a journey to answer some simple questions: ‘How do we tell the world about Greater Lincolnshire?’ ‘How do we promote it?’ ‘How do we pull all the great things together and make them available to people and businesses?’

The tools in this website were created after a lot of research, conversations, workshops, analysis and a good bit of thinking. There were already lots of great facts, testimonials and promotional materials available, but never before in one place.

We hope to paint the picture of Lincolnshire – a land of true contrast and balance. If you want to brag about us being world beaters you will find that information here.

If you want to talk about investment opportunities or the calm commute to work, they’re here too. Fantastic work/life balance, working hard, sometimes playing, affordable living, accessible support, a land of space which you can make your own and find your own balance.

Lincolnshire offers everyone a huge range and diversity of skills, experience and opportunities. We appreciate our environment, history, communities, culture and the DNA it has gifted us as a legacy. We have included experiences of why this county is such a great place to live, along with many photos, videos, case studies and factoids collected from across the whole region. All these resources are available for you to download and use freely.

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Create a customised wall to share with your audience

If you were to explain to different people how striking Lincolnshire is, you wouldn’t give everyone the same story would you?

From potential investors and tourists, to job hunters and schoolchildren, the words, facts and viewpoints that will engage them will be very different. The wall building tool in this website gives you the opportunity to personalise that viewpoint and share it to inspire someone, inspire your workforce or inspire the next generation - perhaps you may even discover things you didn’t know.

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